The 12 Most Beautiful And Rich Female CEOs


Whoever said beauty has no brains was not familiar with these intelligent females who both have been blessed with an abundance of beauty and brains and not to mention that their smart decisions have led them to make millions of dollars.

Women are generally seen on the arms on of rich men as arm candy but these twelve women are changing the course of gender equality.

Since only 8% percent of the women are counted amongst the billionaires, it is still seen as commendable. Hopefully the numbers will keep rising as these females will prove to be an inspiration for all others.

Of course they are girls born to rich dads or marry rich husbands and some women even earn their top dollar by joining the modelling, music or acting industry but very few of them can compare to the powerful businesswomen who have earned their worth by using brains. Some of these rich pretty ladies seem to have been blessed by equally good looks. Luckily for their male counterparts, not all these ladies are living a life of martial bliss and some of them may be open to meeting eligible bachelors.

Here is the list of the beauties with brains!


Tory Burch – Tory Burch, LLC



Bold and beautiful, this forty nine year old bachelorette has a brain to be admired. She is considered one of the most successful business women in her position as a CEO of Tory Burch, LLC, the fashion company she built after her graduating from an Ivy League School, University of Pennsylvania.
With a net worth of over $1 billion, she is the queen bee of the fashion industry today.

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