The Evolution Of Bikinis


Bikini came as a relief to all those women who wanted a full body tan, but couldn’t go out in the nude and lay on the beach. With the invention of the bikini, it became possible and more socially acceptable to walk around in the nude, with just a little piece of clothing covering up the nipples and the private part between the legs.

Every spring, the clothing stores are filled with every color and design of the bikinis as women anxiously hit the gym to get their bodies, ‘bikini ready’. Take a look at this time line to see how the bikinis have changed from when they were introduced to modern day swimwear.





The famous swimsuit designer of that time designed a female swimsuit in 1931 which was essentially the first two piece ever that revealed the stomach. It was a bra like t-shit and booty shorts which was designed to be aqua-dynamic. Even though it was not an immediate hit as a fashion statement, designers still decided to pursue designing swimwear that showed more and more skin in the 1930s and 1940s. After women gained more freedom after World War II, the shorts became shorter and backless swimsuits were introduced.

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