10 Toxic Beauty Products That Were Once Popular


Men and women have always had a yearning for exquisite skin that glows like divinity for our entire lifetime which is unnatural and unattainable, but it makes it even more desirable for us. For centuries we have tried to change our complexion and lathered our faces in chemicals and painted our eyes and lips to achieve the beauty that stuns everyone. So here is a list of ten toxic beauty products that were once popular with men and women alike.

10. Red lipstick or Lead lipstick?

source: becomegorgeous.com

source: becomegorgeous.com

Red lips are considered seductive and the most flattering on a women. Many lipsticks today contain lead lipstick which has the capacity to overtime accumulate in the body which causes hepatic failure and causes low intelligence. Even though FDA now regulates cosmetics, really microscopic amounts of lead are still allowed in colors that require it to give that red hue!

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