10 Toxic Beauty Products That Were Once Popular


7. Arsenic Wafers

source: mentalfloss.com

source: mentalfloss.com

In the 1800, arsenic was considered a safe chemical and it had proven effectiveness to cure ailments of the skin and remove acne marks. It was also famously known for rapidly achieving the pale lily white complexion that was the heartthrob of every woman. It was effective in producing a ghastly look, but unknown to the consumers it was because arsenic killed off the red blood cells.

Blemishes were cleared off as long as the person kept using arsenic cakes, the acne and skin marks would stay put but as soon as they were off them, the skin would make an even worse come back. So as a result, the person become extremely addicted to the arsenic wafers just to maintain that pale clear skin. In the race to become admirable in beauty, people ended up overdosing on arsenic causing death by toxicity. Despite these notions, arsenic was not completely banned but it was put back on the shelves with the misconception that this time it was safe. ‘Dr. Mackenzie’s Improved Harmless Arsenic Complexion Wafers’. These continues to cause many deaths, as arsenic and safe to use can not to be used in the same sentence and all the way till 1920, when it was firmly established that arsenic was a toxin and nothing else.

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